Neuro Linguistic Programming

Cosmic minds provides quality training to empower employees using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) so that they will attain high standards in their chosen fields, and also personal satisfaction.

Cosmic minds aims to bring training into the work place to broaden the minds and help people in their chosen line of work be it, sales, customer services or inter-personal communication. It will train people how to interact more dynamically with clients, customers and colleagues.

Cosmic minds will present a one day seminar were they will be trained in,

Predicates – the words we use.
Modalities – how we interact with others.
Anchoring – how we can hold on to information.
Reframing – how we can change negative into positive.

Though there are companies offering this training, Cosmic minds have found that they only apply some of the processes that it has to offer. Cosmic minds believe in making NLP simple so that everyone can understand it, so that not only will their working skills improve but they will feel more in control of themselves therefore feel happier and less stressed. Reducing stress reduces absence due to ill health. Studies show that 87% of absences are through stress related illness.