About Me – Jan Ord – Cosmic Minds

When I was a GP’s receptionist I was introduced to the counsellor in the surgery. I decided to do the training myself, not realising it would make such a big impact on my life.

After completing and passing a 3 ½ yr diploma course, I then went on to train in auricular acupuncture, neuro linguistic programming and all the other different therapies that I now offer.

I believe if you ‘talk the talk’, you should ‘walk the walk’ and since walking this path I feel so much better in myself, I feel much healthier and feel as young as I did when I started this journey, twenty years ago. This is how I believe everyone wants to feel.

That is why I love doing what I’m doing, I have worked in rehabs, refuges, bail hostels, NHS and natural health clinics. Also with young people with EBD and private clientele. I work with groups and one to ones, I also teach in the adult learning sector.

Cascading Rainbows

Client Testimonials

“I first met Jan when I joined her NLP class. This opened up a whole new, intriguing world to me, giving me both insight and provoking many questions … guiding me on a path of self-discovery, finding out what makes me tick!…”

“I had 1 hypnotherapy session with Jan because I knew I had to change my lifestyle to be more healthy, so after a lot of thought I decided that I would stop drinking to start with, all I can say is that it’s worked completely…”

“My Name is Gina, I had been through some emotional and stressful news which led to me having panick attacks and anxiety attacks, I lost weight, my hair began to fall out and I struggled on a daily basis. Driving or being out about…”