Client Testimonials

Auricular acupuncture and life coaching

I first met Jan when I joined her NLP class. This opened up a whole new, intriguing world to me, giving me both insight and provoking many questions … guiding me on a path of self-discovery, finding out what makes me tick!

During an intensely busy and stressful period several years ago I sought out Jan’s wise counsel and expertise through a series of life coaching sessions. I came out the other side wiser, calmer and more self-aware, ready with a toolbag full of options to embrace life’s challenges and opportunities. I’m still using those tools today.

Alongside the life coaching Jan introduced me to auricular acupuncture. I arrived for my first session tense and anxious – one of those times in life that get to us all at some point! Ten minutes into the treatment and I was so relaxed and chilled it felt like I’d had the benefit of an excellent malbec – the whole bottle without the hangover! It lifted me and restored my equilibrium in equal measures and follow up sessions enhanced my wellbeing immensely.

Since then I’ve received auricular acupuncture treatment from Jan many times, sometimes for a general wellbeing boost, other times for specifics including sciatica, pain management after a car accident and more recently, to manage the menopause.

It works! I don’t know how but it does! I can’t recommend Jan’s life coaching and auricular acupuncture enough. Try it – you have nothing to lose and much to gain – I did and I’ve never looked back.



I had 1 hypnotherapy session with Jan because I knew I had to change my lifestyle to be more healthy, so after a lot of thought I decided that I would stop drinking to start with, all I can say is that it’s worked completely. I’m certainly not taking it one day at a time it’s done it’s gone its no more. and just to be clear I was drinking well over the weekly units for a woman.

K Thomas

Life Coaching

My Name is Gina, I had been through some emotional and stressful news which led to me having panick attacks and anxiety attacks, I lost weight, my hair began to fall out and I struggled on a daily basis. Driving or being out about. Jan offered a compassionate and empathic ear to listen and offer advices such as tapping and also acupuncture. Just chatting with everybody who made me feel so welcome and at ease. I have now put on some weight and taking things day at a time and getting to acupuncture whenever I get the chance. I would highly recommend Jan and her services. 🙂
Thanks Jan xxx

Mrs Gina McManus


With a need to work at a computer most days it was putting strain on my eyes. The result was bad headaches which don’t let up. I tried tablets, drinking more water which never helped. I heard about EFT and found Jan (CosmicMinds) through a friend. Jan introduced me tapping (emotional freedom techniques) which I was a bit unsure about. To my surprise it works!

L Mcevoy


I was terrified of flying. After 1 session of hypnotherapy, I was confident enough to finally go abroad on holiday. The thought of boarding a plane no longer fills me with dread or sickly feelings. I can’t wait for my next holiday.

Kathy Deane


I wanted to stop smoking and booked 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Jan. I only used one, as the session was so effective and I’ve never smoked a single cigarette again; that was 3 years ago!

Krista Hibbert


I have eczema in my ears, and used to be so ltchy couldn’t help scratching till they bled, I’d had everything possible off the doctor over the years, till in the end I didn’t bother going to the doctors, then I tried the acupuncture with Jan what a difference, still flares up sometimes but nothing like it used to be

Kay Thomas


Since I was in my twenties I’ve had backache that has occurred as specific, sharp pain. The pain lasted for several days, eased for a few weeks and then started again. Medical opinion has been that it was muscular rheumatism. Treatment has been use to pain killers and take regular exercise. About ten years ago during an x-ray examination it was discovered that vertebrae in the lumber section of the spine had fused completely. And for good measure the neck was affected. A consultant rheumatologist diagnosed ankylosing spondylitis (AS). The vertebrae had fused because of calcium growth caused by inflammation. It is not curable, very debilitating, but not life threatening. I had lost three inches in height and was bending. You may have seen elderly persons walking with a stick and bent double; that is AS in an advanced stage. A new treatment that might have some effect if caught early is not available to anyone who has had cancer in the previous ten years. That’s me. The only treatment is pain killers. Now in my late seventies attempting to walk upright has been a truly painful experience (bending eases the pain, hence bent old people).
Since the best medics could not help I was prepared to try anything that might help. A mutual friend recommended Jan. She did not promise anything, “just give it a try”.
Group therapy once a week was pleasant. After about four weeks or so I was going home via the nearby railway and had just missed a train. It was a fine summer’s day so I walked the length of the platform and admired the flower display. At the end I turned and strolled. back. It occurred to me what a lovely experience this was. But something was different. What was it? It was different because I walked without pain.
Naturally Jan was delighted. A couple of weeks later and still without pain I gave her a challenge. ‘”See if you can get my neck to move”. My neck had reached a stage where there was only small movement side to side and up and down, and no tilt at all! “We’ll keep trying” she said.
About three weeks later I left the therapy session and turned the corner outside. I heard a loud ‘crack’. I froze, quite sure that a tile had fallen off the roof, and looked around. No tile. Then I realised the noise had been in my head. Was my neck broken? Tentative movement, it was still attached. But it could move – and freely. And it didn’t hurt! Still dazed I returned and told Jan. She too was amazed – nothing was promised, though much has been gained. This treatment has worked for me. How and why I don’t know. Frankly I don’t care. I can even stand a bit taller!
I would advise anyone to put their scepticism on hold, and put it aside as I have to give alternatives a chance.
It has taken a lot of words to describe my experiences. Every word is true.

Ray Bennion


I have had trouble with my sinus for many years and was on and off medication. I was introduced to Jan from cosmicminds and she offered me acupuncture to help with my sinus problems. After one treatment the results were amazing. I regularly have acupuncture and no longer need medication.

Keith Cromer